Old Bill

Old Bill

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Old Bill is a quick little bluffing game set in the universe of Caper. The cards feature illustrations of all the thieves in Caper: Europe, now with feet and names! You’ll work to make trades with a mixture of open and hidden information. Be sure to bring your best negotiating face to the table. You'll need it to squeeze out the points in this game. You can also pull this box out for a classic game of Old Maid (with ole' Bill) or Memory with the whole family.

MSRP: $13.00

SKU: KYM0901

Case Pack Size: 18

Dimensions: 3.6 x 3 x 1.1 in

Player Count: 3-4

Playtime: 10 mins

Ages: 10+

BGG Link: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/345234/old-bill